Authenticity of the Holy Bible

1. Written by 40 Authors over 1600 years. Continuous Record

2. 5000 copies of complete manuscripts dating to 60 to 150 years from life of Christ

3. Many Eye Witness Accounts Matthew, Mark, James (Half Brother of Jesus), Jude (Half Brother of Jesus), Peter, John

4. Thousands of Archeological Confirmations of people and cities in the Bible

5. Dozens of Specifically Fulfilled Prophecies about Jesus. Hundreds of Fulfilled prophecies about other people and places

6. Changed Lives. Sincerely read, the Bible WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the GOOD.

7. If not the Bible, Who and Why would write it. The Bible is a book that would not be written by men if they could and could not be written by men if they would. Evil people would not conspire to write a book condemning evil. Demons would not conspire to write a book telling people to not worship them, but to worship God. Good People would not deceive people to write it, because the book would condemn them.


Why the World Wants the Bible to NOT be TRUE

1.  If the Bible is True, then the story of Creation is True and we owe ALL to GOD.
2.  If the Bible is True, then we are not free to live as we want. 
3.  If the Bible is True, then there are Absolute Rights and Wrongs
4.  If the Bible is True, then there is Judgment by God.
5.  If the Bible is True, then we may experience eternal damnation.
6.  If the Bible is True, then I am not good enough.
7.  If the Bible is True, then Science is wrong.

Rebutle:  None of us are good enough, no, not one!  The Bible tells us this. Jesus died for our sins because none of us can measure up to God's standards.   God loves us anyway and sent His Son to die for us while we were yet sinners.    Yes, we owe everything to GOD, and that is why we worship Him.   All will worship God in the end.  God declares that in the book of Revelation.   We can live as we want.  God gave us a free will, and we are free to rebel.  God wants us to love Him of our own free will, like a son loves his father.   Yes, God will judge us, but the blood of Jesus Christ will make us righteous.  You need only accept Jesus as your personal savior and you will be saved and spared the judgment and wrath of GOD.   To be sure, there will be judgment and wrath given to those who are too proud to receive Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living GOD, as their Savior.   Science is not wrong if the Bible is true, just the theory of Evolution is wrong.   You might also wonder about the "science" of carbon dating which has led to the erroneous and outrageous ages applied to the earth and the dinosaurs etc.   Determining the age of things turns out to be a reflection of how desperately the world wants the earth to be extremely old so we can close our minds to the facts and assign all logic and science to the eons of time that no one can really comprehend.    Eons of time are easy to hide behind and Eons cover a multitude of otherwise unexplainable phenomena.


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