Thoughts on Evolution

As a youngster, I went to public and private schools and my favorite subject was science.  I poured over books about science, dinosaurs, cave men, chemistry sets, science experiments, the universe, stars and planets.   I dreamed of being a scientist and making fantastic discoveries some day.   During my first year in college, I determined to reconcile the conflict between the Bible and Evolution.   The book entitled "Chariots of the Gods" was just published and the idea that the Bible was just some ancient description of the alien visitation of some advanced civilization from another planet was very intriguing.  So, I headed to the stacks in the college library and plowed through many old books and old Bibles and clearly determined that both Evolution and the Bible were true.   Of course, I had only read a few pages of the Bible here and there and certainly never studied the Bible and was completely unaware of most of the content of the Bible.   However, I had resolved the conflict for myself and I considered myself a good person and I would probably go to heaven.   I certainly did not deserve to go to Hell and if God sent me to Hell then He was a mean God, and I could never live up to His standards anyway.

The Oddest  thing was that I never, ever, questioned whether the theory of evolution was false, or that the age of the earth was not billions of years.  These were givens.  I was taught to believe science and to believe in science and the scientific process.   I was saved at age 43.   To this day, I don't know why I was saved.   I look back and see how blind I was and how proud I was.  I could never have saved myself.  Me being saved was a WOUNDROUS ACT OF GOD.   God's mercy and grace saved me.   Then I started reading with new eyes and a mind given to me by God, but now guided by God the Holy Spirit.  

Now I realize that there is NO EVIDENCE for evolution.  But the world is convinced that there is tons of evidence.  There is none!  The world desperately wants evolution to be true, but it is not.  Most people consider themselves too educated to consider that evolution is not true.   They readily accept the premise that "all the evidence clearly shows" that the world is billions of years old and that dinosaurs existed hundreds of millions of years ago and cave men existed and evolved into the man of today.   However, none of it is true.   Fossil evidence of cave men has been falsified and grossly exaggerated.  The cavemen depicted in the text book pictures are based on just one or two bone fragments.   The scientist/artist extrapolated and made up 99% of the picture from his or her own imagination.    You would also assume that if more than one bone fragment was found, that they were found in the same spot.   No, the second bone fragment is found several MILES from the first.   So, not only are the cavemen renditions from only one or two small bone fragements, the fragments were found miles apart and somehow assumed to be from the same caveman!  Everyone assumes that we have complete skeletons of cavemen that clearly show what the neanderthal man or the cromagnon man looked like.   NO SIR!  Each is represented by a couple of bone fragments and tons of wishful thinking.  It is all a fraud!   Additionally, evidence of a "young earth" has been ignored, squashed and banished from our text books.    All the thousands of "missing links" between species predicted by Darwin have never been found, no, NOT A SINGLE ONE!.    The infamous missing link between apes and man has certainly not been found.   However, our school text books clearly show an artist's rendition of the evolution of apes into man.   This rendition is presented as fact and we all grow up accepting it and mindlessly repeat the premise that all evidence clearly shows that evolution happened.  BUT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.    The pictures of the baby embryo having fins and gills and looking like a fish and then a frog and then finally a baby and then a human infant is born.   Those pictures were frauds.   The scientist that created them and presented them as factual was a fraud.  The fraud was discovered decades later, but everyone agrees, including "scientists", that they were frauds and that human embryo's do not go through fish and frog stages before becoming human.  The development of a baby in the womb does not mimic the stages of evolution.   However, this fraudulent series of pictures is still in our school science text books as fact and as part of the "overwhelming evidence" supporting evolution. 

Science lies in studying GOD's creation.   That is where all the wonder is.   Of course, GOD established all the laws of nature and GOD enforces all the laws of nature.  Therefore, all science should, by definition, be the study of GOD's CREATION.

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