satan is a Fool !


  satan is a fool, and so was I.   That is, until I encountered extreme adversity and had no other choice but to turn to GOD and rely on Him.   Eventually, I surrendered to Him and gave my heart to Him and asked GOD to save me.    Mind you, I considered myself a Christian before adversity overtook me.   However, I had not gone to church in years and I had never read more than a couple of chapters in Genesis.   I knew the Bible existed, but I had never read it.   I thought I was a good person and GOD would understand that I was a pretty good guy and let me into heaven.   Now that I have read the Bible and have intensely listened to hundreds of Bible based sermons, I wonder.   How can the devil be so foolish as to believe he can defeat GOD.    The truth is written in the Bible and there are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible that have come true, and there is nothing in the Bible that has proven to be false.   The Bible is the inerrant word of GOD, and yet satan continues to try to make the end of time happen differently.   The same foolishness or pride caused me to believe that being a pretty good guy meant that I deserved to be in heaven and if GOD didn't let me in, nobody deserved to go to heaven.   Now, I realize that I, especially, deserve to go to hell, and it is only by the grace and mercy of GOD that I would ever go to heaven.  Everyone in heaven will know that they are dependent on GOD, GOD is the soverign ruler of their life, and they have truly and willingly surrenered themselves to this fact and have a true and honest relationship with GOD.  

   satan, on the other hand, has been blinded by his own pride.   his pride runs so deep that he cannot entertain any thoughts other than his own glory.   If we look at the devil's thoughts and behaviors, we can gain some insight into our own sinful nature.    Pride seems to be at the base of all sin.   GOD gave us a free will, and this is the origin of our pride.    However, we must be careful, or our pride will consume us, like it has completely consumed satan.   Then, we become a fool and can receive nothing else but foolish thoughts of our own glory and what we deserve and what we want and what we demand and what we need ...........

   GOD gave us free will, but He also made us dependent upon HIM.    This is what we must never forget.   It comes from the fact that GOD created us.   In fact, GOD created everything and there is nothing that exists that was not created by HIM.   Therefore, it only makes sense that we should be dependent on HIM.    We should also know that GOD loves us very much and wants the best for us, and the best for us comes when we depend on HIM.    Make GOD the sovereign ruler of your life.  Have faith and trust in GOD, and you will have the very best.  That is GOD's awesome promise to each and every one of us.

   satan desperately wants your praise and worship, not because he loves you, but because he thinks he deserves it, or he simply wants it.  

   GOD is an awesome GOD, creator of ALL.   GOD is GOOD.   GOD loves you more than you can love yourself.    GOD gave you a free will, but the best for you comes when you recognize  that you owe all of your existence to GOD.  You must rely on GOD to be the master of  your life.    Give GOD the praise and worship He truly deserves.  In fact, GOD is the only ONE that deserves your praise and worship.   Once you do this, you establish fellowship with GOD through Jesus Christ, the SON of the Living GOD and you begin to experience the eternal life that GOD planned for you.   Since GOD loves you, your life with GOD will be the very very best you could hope for.   

   Now, satan wants you to forget the promise GOD has for your life, and he wants you to foolishly follow him, or at least be so distracted by the cares of this world that you never trust GOD and surrender your life to HIM.    So, we study satan to learn more about our own foolishness, and to know the strategies of satan to distract us from our GOD, creator of heaven and earth.


Chapter 1   The powder of satan    
Chapter 2   The goons of satan    
Chapter 3   Until the End of Time    





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