What Are We Doing Here ?

If you think we are here by accident, then you are sadly mistaken.    Not only that, Life is then very pointless.  If you believe in evolution, you believe that by chance, or by some simplistic principle such as survival of the fittest, we accidentally evolved into complex human beings.  However, all of nature is far, far, too complex to be a long term accident where complexity automatically rises to the top.  Can't you see that the world is exactly the opposite.  Left to it's own devices, the world moves towards randomness, not complexity.   Then why does society close it's mind to this fact and declare that evolution is the way things developed in this world ?  

Because, the alternative is to admit to the fact that the world was created by a superior being, and the Bible tells us that that superior being is GOD, and GOD judges us and tells us how to live.   If you have any years behind you at all, you should have some sense that how GOD wants us to live is for OUR OWN GOOD.  GOD wants the best for us, GOD does not want to condemn us.   GOD loves us and He wants us to be with Him.

Therefore, if you follow the world, you follow the way of the Liar, satan.  You have pleasure for a season and then you are enslaved.   Satan is a liar and a thief and he seeks to kill, steal and destroy.   satan leads the world away from GOD.   Satan does not care about you, he wants to destroy you.  If you worship satan, you worship death and your own destruction.

The world inserts the theory of evolution and asks you to close your mind and have "faith" that eons of time takes care of everything and there is no need to believe in GOD.   So, now the world must be billions of years old, so we can ignore the facts and just believe that it all happened over millions and billions of years, and facts do not matter anymore.   The fact is, however, that for evolution to have created us and our world, we should see a multitude of evidence in intermediate forms of species as they "evolved".    Evolutionists refer to "THE" missing link, as if there is only one fossil that needs to be found to prove that man evolved from apes and the theory of evolution will be proven.   However, even Darwin called for the eventual uncovering of thousands of missing links to show the evidence of the origin of all species.    DO YOU KNOW THAT NOT ONE MISSING LINK AS EVER BEEN DISCOVERED !   Do you know that all fossils of prehistoric man have been found to be elaborate hoaxes, or extremely exagerated claims.    Our text books never mention this, and they continue to teach that these findings are real and they ignore the fact that they are based on hoaxes.   Artists draw very interesting renditions of man evolving from apes and they are complete fiction.    The world desperately wants evolution to be true, so we don't have to believe in GOD.

  So, What are we doing here ?   We are here to serve Jesus, GOD, the Holy Spirit.   We serve Jesus like a son serves his father.   The relationship between a father and his children is how we should be with Our Father.  To Love Jesus is to want to Serve Him and to Obey Him.    Serve and Obey are very strong words and they are shunned by our society.   However, if you submit your life to Jesus and Serve Him, you will experience the Joy, Peace, Contentment and Fulfillment that GOD promises.    If you want a rip roaring time, filled with pleasure, lust, fun and excitement, then realize that these things only last for a very short season and they are followed by heart ache, regret, bondage, resentment, envy, greed ....... and death.    Follow Jesus and Live in love, joy, peace and contentment, and live an eternal life with GOD, even after physical death.   God knows what is best for you and that is why God tells you to live a certain way.  God is not trying to deny you or punish or judge you.   Make no mistake, judgement will come, but God wants to love you and forgive you and He wants you to be with Him in Heaven, the place He has prepared for you.   You have only to accept Jesus as your personal savior.  Submit your life to Him and He will set you free because HE KNOWS ALL AND KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.

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